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Client-Based Training

We administer our curriculum and training at the location that will be most effective and beneficial to our clients. Most often, this is at client-based sites. Through client-based training, our clients can receive ACADEMI’s elite training with minimal disruption to their commercial or operational function. We make best use of local facilities found within the client’s environment, as well as supply all necessary materials, to guarantee the most effective means of achieving the objective are being exploited. We possess the capability to construct and operate training facilities, as well as deploy Mobile Training Teams, worldwide. All of the curriculum offered at our U.S. facility can be established, and delivered in, our clients' locations. ACADEMI provides:

  • Mobile Training Teams
  • Design and build of client facilities
  • All equipment, training materials and instructors
  • Oversight of export compliance requirements
  • Embedded Trainers and Mentors
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Scenario-Based Training

We aim to practice, reinforce and test capabilities within a real-world scenario, replicating an operational environment and task. Our clients can gain real-world experience through our scenario-based training. This training stimulates critical thinking, engages emotions, and fully immerses the trainees into a realistic, interactive scenario. Our clients learn the vital skills needed to make smart decisions in complex situations. We work with our clients so that we may provide customized, context-based training tailored to meet their individual needs. Depending on the objective at hand, training can be administered at our U.S. facility or at client-based locations.

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Supply Chain Logistics

From analyzing supply chain risks to the transportation of goods and services in high-risk locations, we optimize our processes to provide the best possible value to our customers. Our clients are guaranteed safe, secure, and timely delivery of specialized, sensitive equipment anywhere in the world. We work to understand our clients’ specific objectives, and through our network of logistic professionals, provide them with tailored solutions that meet their exact requirements. Our clients can reduce the cost, risk, and uncertainty of managing complex supply chains by leveraging our global partnerships, years of experience with overseas operations, and our solutions that rival the malleable geo-political environment. A sample of ACADEMI’s Supply Chain services:

  • Sourcing / procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Required regulations
  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory management
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Risk analysis
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We understand that often times our clients must operate in austere, remote locations. We help our clients to mitigate the logistic and environmental challenges they face by offering global, expeditionary construction. Our construction solutions include the design, supply, and build of housing, facilities, and other structures, as well as the onsite management and sustainment services needed to operate successfully. We tailor the solutions to fit our clients’ individual needs, using streamlined processes that quickly organize and mobilize our workforce, equipment, and materials to reach any location worldwide.

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Life Support

From comfortable accommodations to life-saving emergency assistance, ACADEMI offers a comprehensive selection of Life Support services with the purpose of improving the quality of life for our clients in any operational environment. We work with our clients to understand their exact needs, circumstances, and desired objectives so that we may provide solutions that protect and support them in an efficient manner. Below is a sample list of our Life Support services:

  • Communication
  • Food
  • Power generation
  • Water treatment
  • Emergency assistance
  • Storage
  • Waste management
  • Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Staffing
  • Laundry
  • Security
  • Procurement / Delivery
  • Warehousing
  • Vehicle Services and Maintenance
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Unmanned Aerial Systems

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) provide video, imagery, data and survey information to support many critical tasks. Designing tailored solutions for our clients involves identifying the flying platform, sensors, control system, operators, training, and logistics that are best suited for their individual needs. The UAS expertise that we provide is independent of manufacturer and systems, therefore our clients can trust that the solutions we design are constructed from a comprehensive, unbiased assessment of the world’s best aerial platforms and sensors. This allows us to offer solutions that are truly best for our clients and their specific needs. Once identified and supplied, we are able to deliver a complete, ongoing turnkey solution. We provide Field Service Representatives that work directly for you and who ensure that your requirements are continually met by maintaining and operating the systems. We will also train your staff to be fully capable of handling the aerial systems operations. Ask us to assess your objective and we will offer our expert, unbiased appraisal. You can then decide whether independent services, system supply, or a turnkey solution will best fit your requirements.

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Complex Program Management

Our aim is to provide our clients with peace of mind knowing that all facets of their program are being safely implemented in an efficient manner. At ACADEMI, we understand that successful program management requires dynamic and harmonious planning, management, and execution of each step in the program or project. Our clients benefit from our combined experience in program management, on-site supervision, and subcontractor oversight. Alongside a team of partners, we provide the complete management of multiple programs across diverse market sectors worldwide. We work with our clients to understand their objectives and operational environment so that we may provide them with a tailored, comprehensive management strategy.

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