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ACADEMI and PwC Enter Joint Business Relationship

July 15, 2013

Two Companies to provide top-tier solutions to businesses operating in security-challenged environments ACADEMI, an elite global provider of security solutions for business and government, has entered into a joint business relationship with PwC, the world’s largest professional services firm that streamlines operational processes and management reporting of risk for clients around the globe.

By combining ACADEMI’s expertise in security assessment, training and protection with PwC’s world-class record of providing professional services, the partnership allows both companies to offer clients one-stop shopping for solutions aimed at improving and maximizing business performance.

“We are excited to form a Joint Business Relationship with PwC and look forward to joint engagements that maximize our strengths to bring holistic security solutions to clients across the globe,” said ACADEMI CEO Craig Nixon.

ACADEMI Executive Vice President Suzanne Rich Folsom added, “We could not be more pleased with the formation of a Joint Business Relationship with PwC—an initiative that will expand our existing relationship, enable us to jointly pursue business opportunities, and provide more integrated solutions for our clients.”

“The formalization of a Joint Business Relationship between ACADEMI and PwC was a natural next step for two world-class service companies that have worked together on a number of projects in recent years,” noted Jack Quinn, Chairman of QGA Public Affairs and former White House Counsel who serves as an independent director on ACADEMI’s Board of Directors and as a co-chair of the Board’s Governance Committee.

Callie Wang