Ranges 17-38

Range 17 (Ship-in-the-box))
Range 17

This range includes a three-story, land-based ship-simulator that provides a realistic environment of maritime close-quarters battle using Simunitions®. It includes both interior and exterior ladders/stairs to different levels. This area requires expended brass cleanup after use.

Range 19 (Known Distance: KD)

Positions: 20 | Length: 1200 yards

This range is the premier long-distance range with standard “butts” target arrangement allowing unobstructed shooting out to 1,200 yards. An RSO is required to have positive radio communications with duty range-master at all times. Fully automatic weapons must be on a traversing and elevation (T&E) mount to ensure rounds impact the berm.

The adjoining baffle range allows the use of crew-served .50 caliber weapons up to 5,000 rounds between cleanings. This area requires expended brass cleanup after use.

Range 34-37

Positions: 24 | Length: 75 yards

These multi-purpose ranges include 24 paper turners, eight sets of six-plate pistol steel racks and one moving target system. Carbine steel swinging targets are also available

Range 38

This facility simulates three 80-foot passenger cars located next to a station. Two of the rail cars are configured with open coach seating with a center aisle, while the third car contains individual compartments, half with an offset aisle, half with a center aisle. The station features an elevated platform with access to all three cars plus a single room station building.