Ranges D1 and D2

Range D1 and D2
Range D2

Positions: 6 | Length: 7-18 yards

These ranges are open sand-covered demolition ranges for explosive practical demonstrations and exercises. Each area exceeds 150 yards x 400 yards. All shots must be non-fragmentary and are limited to equivalent of four-pound TNT unless specifically approved by ACADEMI. The area can also be used for 40mm training using non-pyrotechnic practice rounds.

ACADEMI has three surveyed drop zones for military and federal government use. They are listed as follows:

Name: Steve Voight DZ
  • Free-fall only
  • Listed under ACADEMI #1325
  • Name: Danielson DZ
  • 30-second static line free-fall
  • Listed under Moyock #474
  • Name: Moyock DZ
  • Helo only, free-fall only
  • Listed under Moyock #1341

  • ACADEMI has all drop zone survey information on file, including survey approval/disapproval data and overhead diagrams. You may also access this information in the AZARS.