Salem, CT

ACADEMI in Salem, Connecticut, is an indoor educational support facility that provides training for civilians, local law enforcement and government agencies.

Our Facility supports jacketed, ball and lead ammunition as well as all handgun calibers, and shotgun and rifle up to .223 Remington / 5.56mm (no steel core). It is also handicap accessible and is monitored by a Range Safety Officer.

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    General Contact

    Phone: 252-435-0218

    The facility includes
  • A 12-lane indoor range for rifle, pistol, shotgun
  • A heated range with excellent ventilation
  • Twelve 25-yard lanes
  • 1 Practical Lab
  • Firearms Training Simulator
  • Offices
  • On-site parking

  • Range Rates
  • $30.00 per hour per lane (walk-in)
  • $20.00 per half hour per lane
  • Half hour lane rentals are available
  • No Reservations Required
  • MUST use our targets
  • Brass cased factory ammunition only
  • Common caliber ammunition available

  • ACADEMI's Salem, CT location offers a variety of services available to government, corporate and individual customers.