San Diego, CA

ACADEMI Southwest’s facility, located in the Otay Mesa section of the City of San Diego, became operational in July 2008 as part of ACADEMI’s Navy Turnkey Contract with the Center for Security Forces (CENSECFOR) to provide the Shipboard Reaction Force – Basic Course to Naval commands on the west coast. A list of the facility’s characteristics and capabilities is a follows:
• 61,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility
• 25 yd. Indoor Firearms Range (12 stations), rated 7.62mm NATO, high/low light
• 3 fully equipped climate controlled classrooms (Computer, projector, Wi-Fi)
• Ship simulator (3 deck levels)
• Non-Lethal Training Ammunition Shoot House (2500 sq. ft.)
• Container Climbing/Rappel Tower
• Breaching Door Trainer
• Matted hand-to-hand combative training area
• Weapons Cleaning Station (compressed air, parts washer)

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