Train with the Best
GSA: GS-07F-0149K


We offer comprehensive training curriculums to clients across the globe. Our training is administered at the location that is most effective and beneficial to our clients, whether that be at our client sites or at our U.S. facility.

We offer:
  • Customized Courses
  • Pre-Deployment Training
  • High-Risk LIVE Fire
  • Firearms Training
  • Counter-Terrorism Training
  • Force Protection Training
  • High-Threat Executive Awareness Training (HEAT)
  • Canine Trainer and Handler
  • Basic and Advanced Driver Training
  • Off-Road Driver Training
  • Basic and Advanced Executive Protection
  • High-Threat Protection
  • Special Weapons and Tactics Training for Law Enforcement
  • Special Operations Training for Military and Support Units
  • Medical Training

GSA: GS-07F-0149K

  • Our Approach
  • Every training requirement we fulfill is different, so we work with our clients to understand their objectives and develop solutions that accommodate their force structure, capabilities, equipment and budget.

    Our training curriculum is based on the 'ADDIE' model which includes five phases:

    • Analysis: Conduct an assessment with our clients on their current and desired capabilities, preferably at the operational location.

    • Design: Drawing from previous training and international best practice, we work with our clients and a dedicated curriculum cell to generate customized programs of instruction.

    • Develop: By incorporating client input we are able to develop a coherent and sustainable curriculum that meets the requirements of the operational role.

    • Implement: First we administer the curriculum through pilot tests and T3 training. This is followed by full implementation of the curriculum via specialist instructors who deliver focused training - either in the U.S. or at the client's location.

    • Evaluate: Assess the effectiveness of the curriculum using Kirkpatrick's 4 Levels: (reaction, learning, behavior and results)
  • Client-Based Training
  • We administer our curriculum and training at the location that will be most effective and beneficial to our clients. Most often, this is at client-based sites. Through client-based training, our clients can receive ACADEMI’s elite training with minimal disruption to their commercial or operational function. We make best use of local facilities found within the client’s environment, as well as supply all necessary materials.

    We possess the capability to construct and operate training facilities, as well as deploy Mobile Training Teams, worldwide. All of the curriculum offered at our U.S. facility can be established, and delivered in, our clients' locations. ACADEMI provides:

    • Mobile Training Teams
    • Design and build of client facilities
    • All equipment, training materials and instructors
    • Oversight of export compliance requirements
    • Embedded Trainers and Mentors

  • Scenario-Based Training
  • We aim to practice, reinforce and test capabilities within a real-world scenario, replicating an operational environment and task. Our clients can gain real-world experience through our scenario-based training. This training stimulates critical thinking, engages emotions, and fully immerses the trainees into a realistic, engaging scenario. Our clients learn the vital skills needed to make smart decisions in complex situations.