Advanced Skills Handgun 2-day

About This Course

Intended for shooters who have already mastered basic marksmanship fundamentals, ACADEMI’s Advanced Skills Handgun Course is designed to help shooters perfect and expand their handgun skill set. After shooting a series of diagnostic exercises, our instructors assess a shooter’s strengths and weakness and tailor the instruction to improve fundamental skills and mechanical efficiency. Primary areas of focus are marksmanship and weapons manipulations, specifically short and long range accuracy, the draw, reloads, speed shooting, and movement. In addition, shooters are instructed in how to practice efficiently and how to self-evaluate their training progress. Whether you are a tactical operator or a practical pistol (USPSA/IDPA) competitor, ACADEMI’s Advanced Skills Handgun Course will give you the tools to take your handgun skills to the next level.

$ 480.00 / 2 days San Diego, CA
Includes a certificate of completion.
Rental equipment available.
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Thursday - Friday
November 2018
29 - 30
Thursday - Friday
December 2018
20 - 21
$ 400.00 / 2 days Salem, CT
Includes a certificate of completion.
Rental equipment available.
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Course Details
  • Topics
    • Diagnostic evaluations for speed, accuracy and handling
    • Application of the fundamentals of marksmanship
    • Correction of grip, stance and trigger control issues
    • Trigger management and sight management
    • Improving the presentation
    • Improving the reload
    • Efficient practice and using a training log
    • Use of cover
    • Sight and recoil management in rapid fire
    • Movement from position to position
    • One-handed unsupported shooting
    • Stress response
  • Gear
    • Handgun
    • Holster (no cross-draw or appendix-carry holsters permitted)
    • Minimum three high-capacity (15+ round) magazines or six low-capacity (7-8 round) magazines
    • Magazine holders
    • Belt
    • Clear wraparound ballistic eye protection
    • Ear protection
    • Rain gear
    • Firearm cleaning kit
    • Clothing appropriate for climate and conditions
    • Water bottle or other hydration system
    • Knee and elbow pads strongly recommended
  • Ammunition requirements
  • 1000 rounds. 9mm (9x19) is the minimum service caliber for this course.

  • Skill prerequisites
  • Must have at least one of the following: Previous Tactical Pistol Course by ACADEMI or an approved school, Handgun qualification in a US Law Enforcement or Military organization, USPSA “C” Classification or higher, IDPA Sharpshooter Classification or higher, Approval by Instructor Staff.

  • Lodging
  • Currently there is no on campus lodging at this location. There are many off campus options.

    Gear Rentals

    Most items on the gear list may be rented via the application at additional cost or purchased at the Proshop.