DCJS Personal Protection Specialist (32E)

About This Course

ACADEMI is a certified Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) Training School - License 88-1815

ACADEMI’s Personal Protection Specialist Course focuses on protecting a Principal from embarrassment and harm. Our PPS course emphasizes several Protective Services Skill Sets which include but are not limited to:

  • Collecting information for site and route surveys
  • Mission and contingency planning and briefings
  • Interviewing a principal
  • Protocol, attire, and etiquette for protection personnel
  • Foot formations
  • Arrivals and departures
  • Codes and regulations for protective services
  • 1st Aid, CPR and emergency medicine
Daily, students will learn basic and advanced skills necessary to conduct Protective Services. We emphasize collecting accurate information, building correct reports and briefings, as well as being able to communicate appropriately with a Principal and their staff. Students conduct practical training in separate Protective Security Detail (PSD) roles. This style of training will ensure every graduate has a full understanding of each aspect of protecting an individual from harm and embarrassment. Training days are normally eight to ten hours, with planning and briefing preparation extending into the late evening hours. This Protection course meets and exceeds the training requirements under Virginia DCJS to apply for registration as a Personal Protection Specialist. Individuals that need to attend an Armed PPS course or expand their hard skill sets can sign-up for our Virginia DCJS Entry-Level Handgun (07E) and Advanced Handgun (09E)as well as our Shotgun (08E) and Patrol Rifle (10E) directly after the PPS course. ACADEMI is an advocate of setting and maintaining standards within the Protective Services profession. Each student that completes our PPS course will receive a certificate of attendance. Contact ACADEMI today to begin working towards your DCJS PPS registration. (RCO Ref WO 17225)

  • Lodging and meals are not included in the cost of this course.
  • Lodging can be purchased directly through at ACADEMI's Moyock NC on-site lodging facilities (subject to availability).
  • Meals can also be purchased on-site at ACADEMI's Moyock NC Dining Facility.
$ 2200.00 / 6 days Moyock, NC
Includes a certificate of completion.
Rental equipment available.
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$ 2200.00 / 6 days San Diego, CA
Includes a certificate of completion.
Rental equipment available.
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Course Details
  • Topics
    • Principles of executive protection
    • Site surveys
    • Route surveys
    • Risk, threat and vulnerability assessments
    • Residential and travel security
    • VA DCJS Code and regulations
    • Use of Force
    • Defensive tactics
    • Foot formations
    • Arrivals and departures
    • Motorcade procedures
    • Radio communications
    • Protocol, attire and etiquette
    • Emergency procedures and contingency planning
    • Written and practical evaluations including an in-town exercise
  • Gear
    • Business casual clothing each day (no jeans)
    • Rain/weather gear for season
    • Clothing appropriate for defensive tactics training
    • Business clothing for final training exercise (suit or slacks, jacket, tie and appropriate shoes)
    • A laptop computer or tablet is strongly recommended, along with thumb drive and camera or camera-phone that can download directly to the laptop
  • Ammunition requirements
  • Skill prerequisites
    • Must be 21 years of age
    • Must be a US Citizen
    • Must provide a no-felony Criminal Background Check
  • Lodging
  • Moyock location has lodging available on campus and off campus.

    A variety of meal options can be purchased directly from our on-site dining facility for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Gear Rentals
    Most items on the gear list may be rented via the application at additional cost or purchased at the Proshop.